Hospices of Hope Moldova has many faces: the face of our mobile teams who dedicate their lives to alleviate the physical and mental pain of those who suffer from incurable illness and our own beneficiaries – people we are working for every day.

Today Hospice of Hope Moldova is Andrei, a 27-year-old man from Soroca, with several incurable diagnoses.

Besides of the professional medical care, palliative care gives to Andrei the security feeling he needs a lot. Andrei manifests a childish behavior, speaks hard and little, his relief being a few childhood toys that he always has next to him and does not allow anyone to touch them.

His childhood was very unstable, which aggravated his health. Since he was born, his father left him, for some time his mother took care of him, then he lived in an asylum and later taken back home. Andrei's mother is a person prone to alcohol, who does not perceive the young man that he would understand something.

Continuing palliative care is the only solution for Andrei to live. The mobile team in Soroca provides to patient weekly medical, psychologic and social care, emotional support, help with pharmaceuticals, diapers and hygiene products.

You can become someone's angel that brings care, security and hope!

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