Our events

We have a lot of events throughout the year. Below you can see our calendar for 2019:

1st March Martisor Campaign – HERE you can see the beautiful Martisoare that we offer!
2nd March Table Tennis Tournament – click here for all details!
6th April  Football Tournament
8th June Ultimate Charity Latin America Food Challenge
14 – 19 June HOSPICE Bike Tour 2019
3rd August Beach Volleyball Tournament
7th September Evening Charity Run
29th September Chisinau International Marathon
12th October “Surprise” Charity Food Challenge
31st October  Hospices of Hope Moldova Gala Dinner
16th November (TBD) Bowling Cup

Let us know if you plan to take part, or would like to sponsor, one or several of our events, by contacting us at info@hospicesofhope.md or by phone on 060744068.