Hospice Bike Tour 2019 // June 14-18, Chisinau - Brasov
The Aftermovie

On 14th June 2019, relive the start of the Hospice Bike Tour 2019 with this wonderful LIVE from TVR Moldova:

What is the #HospiceBikeTour?

The #HospiceBikeTour is a charity bike ride which aims to offer amateur cyclists an incredible bike experience while raising funds for people suffering from incurable diseases and/or life-limiting conditions. Usually the itinerary starts from Chisinau, where the Hospices of Hope Moldova office is located, and ends in Brasov or Bucharest, at one of the in-bed units of Hospice Casa Sperantei – both are part of the same Hospices of Hope network.

Hospice Bike Tour 2019 – 14th to 19th June

Join us for a magical journey across Moldova and Romania! This year, the Bike Tour itinerary goes to: Iași, Gura Humorului, Miercurea Ciuc, Lake Bicaz and Brașov. A total of about 700 km around beautiful places and some nice hills!

Note: the 19th of June is dedicated to the way back from Brasov to Chisinau.

We ask every cyclist interested in taking part in the Hospice Bike Tour, to fundraise a minimum of 500 euros that will go towards the provision of palliative care services to patients suffering from incurable diseases in five districts of Moldova (Ocnita, Orhei, Soroca, Taraclia, Cahul).

A company can also sponsor a cyclist and the Bike Tour – we have several Sponsorship packages available, please send us an email to cristina@hospicesofhope.md or call us at +373 60 394 306 – +373 60 744 068.

You can register to the Bike Tour by filling in the form below, we will contact you as soon as possible!

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Previous editions

Previous editions

The first two #HospiceBikeTour editions linked organisations in the Hospices of Hope Moldova (Chisinau) and Romania (Brasov & Bucharest) networks, each of them running for five days in June. If in 2016 the route had a length of 563 km and took us on the hills of Oituz before arriving in Brasov and Bucharest – in 2017 we decided to make it even more spectacular.

The 13 bikers who took part in the second edition had the opportunity to visit the charming Lake Bicaz, after the elderly Carpathians until the end of the tour at the Casa Sperantei Hospice Center in Bucharest. The route in 2017 was not only more exciting, but also longer with cyclists going for a total of 728 km for 5 days.

The events had a great impact, being highly publicized both in the press in the Republic of Moldova and in Romania. At the same time, thanks to sponsors and donations received from cyclists, we managed to collect approximately 25.000 Euro that went to the development of palliative care services in the Republic of Moldova.

The 2018 edition was a special one, attended by 22 cyclists that travelled through a fairy tale from the Hospices of Hope Moldova headquarters in Chisinau to the Hospice Casa Speranţei in Brasov (Romania). The route was more than 750 km long and went through charming places, giving participants the opportunity to admire the most beautiful landscapes in Moldova and Romania.

Watch this short video to relive the 2018 edition

Hospices of Hope Moldova is a nonprofit organization, part of the Hospices of Hope Network, which launched the National Palliative Care Services Network “Hospices of Hope Moldova” in 2017. Our aim is to develop and improve access to palliative care services in different regions of the Republic of Moldova, for people suffering from incurable diseases.

So far, five mobile palliative care teams are part of our network: in Soroca, Ocnita, Orhei, Cahul and Taraclia. We are also the main importer and provider of stoma bags in the country and we offer regular trainings to the medical and social staff of our partner teams.

Since the launch of the Hospices of Hope Moldova National Network for Palliative Care Services in 2017, more than 1100 people benefit from quality palliative care services, while the multidisciplinary mobile teams in the regions of Cahul, Ocnita, Orhei, Soroca and Taraclia have made more than 28.000 home visits. Besides, more than 40 health professionals have been following trainings about palliative care, and more than 28.000 stoma bags and accessories have been imported and handed out within the Network.