H.E. M. Daniel Ionita Donates his birthday for Hospices of Hope Moldova!

We are extremely grateful to H.E. M. Daniel Ioniță, Ambassador of Romania in Republica Moldova, has decided to join the Hospices of Hope Moldova “#IDonateMyBirthday”!

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On February, the 2nd, is my birthday and this year I have decided to donate it to the patients of Hospices of Hope Moldova, who have to fight against an incurable illness and who need palliative care in order to live life in dignity and without pain.

Dear friends, I dare ask you to imagine how a gesture, however small, can genuinely alleviate a person’s pain. Someone like you or me, but with needs and sufferings that I hope none of us will ever experience.

In Romania, for the last 26 years of existence, Hospice Casa Sperantei brought comfort and hope for more than 26 000 children and adults coping with an incurable illness.

It is wonderful to receive but it much better to give!” – H.E. Mr. Daniel Ionita


You are invited to make a donation on our Virgin Money Giving campaign:

All funds raised during this campaign will be redirected to supporting palliative care services to people suffering from incurable diseases in the Republic of Moldova. These services are provided in five regions of the country, which are Orhei, Soroca, Ocnita, Cahul and Taraclia, where mobile multidisciplinary palliative care teams are part of the Hospices of Hope Moldova National Network of Palliative Care.


P.C.: D.R.


E.S. Daniel Ioniță with Vladimir Beșleagă. PC: D.R.

A total amount of 180£ has been collected during this campaign, we thank you very much for your support and your generosity!

We warmly thank H.E. Mr. Daniel Ionita for his gesture, and we thank you for your donation!