Who are the beneficiaries of Hospices of Hope Moldova?

The services are addressed to adults and children with oncological diagnoses and other serious progressive diseases (congenital malformations, neuro-muscular dystrophies, organ failure, etc.), living in the districts of Cahul, Ocnita, Orhei, Soroca and Taraclia. The support of the organization is also addressed to the families of the patients and adapts to each situation.

What means Palliative Care?

For patients with incurable disease, Palliative Care means increasing the quality of life.

Although the disease is no longer responding to treatment, the condition of the patient can be improved by controlling the symptoms, alleviating pain, psychological counseling (from which also family members can benefit), social welfare services (for obtaining legal rights and for families facing financial difficulties) or spiritual and psychological counseling.

In addition, in Palliative Care the patient is the most important, for which no medical decision is taken without his consent and only after being informed of everything that that decision entails. Palliative Care may be given in parallel with the treatment prescribed by your doctor.

What are the services of Hospices of Hope Moldova?

The multidisciplinary mobile teams supported by Hospices of Hope Moldova evaluate the patient’s condition and identifies the current needs of Palliative Care. Depending on these, it allocates the patient to appropriate palliative care services.

The organization provides medical care for patients, social support and psycho-emotional and spiritual counseling for them and their families.

At the first visit, the doctor of the care team assesses the patient’s condition and establishes the optimal care option. The following doctor or healthcare visits are established together with the family, depending on the care needs. Home care (home-based multidisciplinary assistance) is required at all stages of the illness so that the patient and the family receive specialized support and the family is informed about therapies they have to perform to maintain or improve the patient’s health.

How to make an appointment with Hospices of Hope Moldova teams

An appointment will be made after the request of the patient or the patient’s family, based on a form filled in by a specialized doctor or family doctor and significant medical records.

Can patients keep in touch with their specialist or family doctor?

The Hospices of Hope Moldova mobile teams work in collaboration with the patient’s specialist doctor and family doctor. They will continue to see the patient whenever needed and will prescribe some of the medicines the patient needs.

What are the costs for the services offered by the Hospices of Hope Moldova teams?

All services for patients and their families are free of charge.

The Hospices of Hope Moldova mobile Teams

The organisation’s mobile teams consist of doctors, medical assistants, psychologists, social workers, pharmacists, nurses and administrative staff.

Where does Hospices of Hope Moldova provide Palliative Care services?

Currently we have mobile teams in Soroca, Orhei, Ocnița, Taraclia and Cahul.