Cahul Mobile Team

During a visit to patients, February 2019. , © Hospices of Hope Moldova

In Cahul, the mobile palliative care team supported by Hospices of Hope Moldova is directly integrated in the district hospital “IMSP Spitalul Raional Cahul”.

The mobile team is providing medical and social palliative care services to children and adults suffering from incurable illness in an advanced and/or terminal stage, and to their families.

Thanks to this integration within the district hospital, the mobile team can better work and coordinate with the other hospital departments, provide necessary help and redirect patients if needed and closely monitor them together with the general practitioner.

The Cahul mobile team offer these services for free to around 50 patients.

Contact details

Instituţia Medico-Sanitară Publică Spitalul Raional Cahul, str. Stefan cel Mare 23, MD-3909 Cahul, Republica Moldova