Alina și Eugen Dăruiesc ziua de naștere!

Alina and Eugen also decided to join the Hospices of Hope Moldova campaign, „#DonateMyBirthday”, and even organized a small gathering to celebrate it with their friends.

I have recently met, for the first time in my life, a person that was born on the same day, in the same year and at the same hour as I was.

Together, we have decided to Donate our birthdays to Hospices of Hope Moldova, for those who are fighting every day against an incurable illness and are in need of palliative care services in order to live their lives with dignity and without pain.

Each wish, good thought and positive vibe can be transformed in donations which can be insignificant for us, but can mean so much for others.” – Alina and Eugen.

You are invited to make a donation on our Virgin Money Giving campaign:

All funds raised during this campaign will be redirected to supporting palliative care services to people suffering from incurable diseases in the Republic of Moldova. These services are provided in five regions of the country, which are Orhei, Soroca, Ocnita, Cahul and Taraclia, where mobile multidisciplinary palliative care teams are part of the Hospices of Hope Moldova National Network of Palliative Care.

A total amount of 311£ has been collected during this campaign, we thank you very much for your support and your generosity!

Thank you very much, Alina and Eugen, for your kind donation! And Happy birthday to both of you!