About Us

Hospices of Hope is a British charity which dedicated more than 25 years to the efficient and active development of the Palliative Care Services in South Eastern Europe. Initiated in the Republic of Moldova since 2008, Hospices of Hope Moldova started developing actively the National Network for Palliative Care Services in 2017 – the first one in the country.

At the moment, 5 mobile multidisciplinary teams are integrated into the network and provide palliative care services for free to the beneficiaries in the districts of Orhei, Soroca, Ocnita, Cahul and Taraclia.

Along with the full financial support committed for running the activities (medication, medical supplies, medical mobile devices, salaries for the staff, utilities, telecommunication services, car  etc.) all medical staff integrated in the Hospices of Hope Moldova Network benefit from professional training in the field of palliative care and the continuous support of the common resource center of the network, which is strategically located in Chisinau, so that we can permanently ensure the quality and the professionalism of the services offered for free to the incurable patients.

Moreover, Hospices of Hope Moldova is the main importer and supplier of stoma bags and accessories. They are distributed at the national level in an amount of 80% by the Oncologic Institute, and 20% is distributed directly by the mobile teams integrated in the Hospices of Hope Moldova Network.

The organization is part of the international network Hospices of Hope, which has also subsidiaries in Romania (Hospice Casa Speranței in Brasov and in Bucharest) and in Serbia (BELHospice in Belgrade); the headquarters of the organization are in Great Britain.